Cloche table smoker


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CLOCHE is a table smoker designed by designer Guillaume Bloget for cold smoking food from aromatic plants or wood chips. It preserves the flavors intrinsic to each food while flavoring them with a smoky note. 


The smokehouse becomes both a preparation and presentation utensil. Placed on a table, it establishes a kind of ritual. We arrange the food, we light the fire in the hearth, then we put out the fire with the bell to smother the combustion and create the smoke. After about thirty minutes, the bell is lifted, a net of residual smoke escapes and reveals the food ready to be tasted.


Originally created for the Local Ware exhibition project led by OROS and ii (initial initiatives), this smoker now finds its place in kitchens and on tables thanks to its compact format. Turned in beech by Luis Morgado, a French craftsman, CLOCHE is a more poetic and convivial alternative to electric smokers and barbecues. 


Comes with a recipe book.

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