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Cloche table smoker

Cloche is a smokehouse designed by Guillaume Bloget to cold smoke food from sawdust or straw. The smokehouse becomes both a preparation and presentation tool. Over time, the interior of the bell develops its own aromatic signature. Placed on a table, it establishes a sort of ritual: we light the sawdust in the hearth, we arrange the food around, then we come to extinguish the fire with the bell. After a few minutes, the bell is raised, a trickle of residual smoke escapes and reveals the food ready to be tasted. Sold with a grill, a hearth, and a stainless steel plate placed under the bell to protect the wood. Unique piece designed for the exhibition LocalWare: Cooking Edition. 


Price: € 590


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  • Wood species: Ash
  • Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 28cm
  • Technique: Woodturning
  • Finish: Wax
  • Place of production: France

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Free shipping from 250€