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Our origin

This multi-disciplinary project was first born from the desire to transmit know-how, that of a father to his daughter.

Roger working with wood since his adolescence, passionate about turning and traditional carpentry, is self-taught with the help of numerous books and encounters. He collects wood in the surrounding forests, designs furniture for the family home, and spends his free time in the workshop cutting, assembling and sanding. Laure then grew up in this environment where craftsmanship reigned, between her father's furniture and her mother's pottery. That's why the brand is called OROS: it's rooted in our family name.

Laure spent several years traveling around France for her studies in communication, enriching her vision and sensitivity to image and creation. After having rubbed shoulders with graphic designers and then working for architects and fashion houses, she returned very naturally to craftsmanship and founded OROS in 2015 with the ambition of retranscribing her father's passion.