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Fragrance house By now

Published 25 / 05 / 2019

Ormaie is a French family perfume house founded by Baptiste Bouygues and his mother Marie-Lise Jonak. Combining art and nature, she puts creativity at the heart of her approach and surrounds herself with artists and craftsmen to create quality fragrances. Entirely composed of natural raw materials, they also seduce us with their elegant and avant-garde design.

Composed of 7 unisex fragrances, the first Ormaie collection is a clever mix of timeless influences: the design of the 50s, the Asian continent, the great luxury houses such as Louis Vuitton or Givenchy or the work of the sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

Each bottle comes from the only French glassmaker to recycle its own magmas, and the beech cap, from French forests, is carved by hand. The geometric shapes and perfect finishes make these bottles perfect works of art.

As a bonus, we are sharing with you the manifesto of Ormaie, both delicate and intriguing.

  • The house is large and peaceful. Its park is planted with trees of so different species that one is surprised to find them gathered. In the morning, very early, when the mists slowly drift over the long basin, it becomes strange. I'm not surprised thatYvonne loves this place, she who has been interested for years in German romanticism ... Living here, if only for periods, has many advantages. Where is the temperature more pleasant in midsummer, never exceeding the 28° ? Who in Paris would have room for such a large library and five or six guest rooms?

I like the organization of these weekends in the countryside: the guests live at their own pace, their habits are not the same. But we all meet at six in the living room, the French windows are wide open. There are many familiar faces today. Friends ofYvonnethat I have met here or at one of the openings that she organizes in her gallery at irregular intervals. But there are others that I don't know. Like this person sitting in an armchair a few meters from me, whose profile I can only see. I don't take my eyes off it, like someone who is not your type but who is attracted to you. Guests pass and pass between us, glass in hand. They hide or discover according to their movement this person that I observe attentively from the sofa where I am sitting. She wears a dark, moire double-breasted jacket, very fitted, black jeans, suede ankle boots. Her figure is slim with something adolescent. Short hair, color carbon paper, straight nose, dark eyes, well defined lips. She holds between the middle and ring fingers a cigarette which she seems to have forgotten and which is slowly consumed in a thin white stream.

To stare at her like this, I fear embarrassing her. To occupy my attention elsewhere, I silently count the guests: 1, 2, 3… I continue: 8, 9, 10… 21, 22… Obviously, I lost track, there are not that many of us. I turn my attention back to the person in front of me. She distractedly stares at a contemporary photograph, an enigmatically titled jungle image Blue Ivree. Her lips move, as if talking to herself. She seems to be humming " you you you ", or something like that. I do not understand. His elbow is resting on the arm of the chair, his wrist slightly broken. The cigarette has disappeared replaced by a glass of champagne. Despite the distance I can make out a large ring on one of her fingers: the head of a gold Gorgon whose eye sockets are set with two diamonds. Those two transparent eyes seem to be staring at me. Are they asking me a question?

I wave to Yvonne. With her platinum blonde and pantsuit, she is in her XNUMXs. She walks with ease, slipping between the guests, and sits down next to me. I lean towards her and ask her, indicating with a nod of the head the person I have been observing for a few minutes: "Who is it?" " Yvonne smiles mysteriously and answers: "Ormaie". I dare not ask him if it is a man or a woman.