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Elm Identity card

Published 06 / 06 / 2020

Scientific name: Ulmus

Classification: Family of Ulmaceae

Number of species: 45

Country elm

Scientific name: Ulmus Campestris

Maximum tree height: 30 m

Maximum tree diameter: 1 m

Density: 0,65 to 0,85

Wood characteristics: Dark red-brown heartwood color. Yellowish and fairly broad sapwood color. Very irregular thread. Coarse and irregular grain. Hard wood and quite heavy. Quite a bit or very nervous. Moderately durable heartwood.

Mechanical properties: Moderately resistant in axial compression. Very resistant in traction and bending for its weight. Elastic, very resilient. Very adherent, not very fissile because of its tangled thread.

Technological properties: Quite difficult to saw. Delicate planing because of the counter grain. Takes nails well, without splitting. Difficult drying due to deformations. 

Comment: Very sought after for its magnifiers.