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Corsican Deer Observatories Orma Architettura

Published 28 / 02 / 2019

Behind the Cerf Corse Observatories project hides a whole local approach. Orma Architettura, winner of the AJAP 2018 competition, is the basis of this project.

These three observatories are each located in a municipality in Haute Corse, namely Venaco, Castifao and Quenza. The Corsican Deer, once endemic to the island before disappearing in 1969, has seen its population resuscitate over the years thanks to a reintroduction program launched in 1985 by the Regional Natural Park of Corsica. After having been a real success, this project is now entering a second phase, that of education in view of the fragility of this species.

When the Regional Natural Park of Corsica launches a consultation for prefabricated observatories, the Orma Architettura agency decides to respond with a completely different proposal: to design observatories in laricio pine, a species specific to Corsica. The agency then approached several Corsican carpenters in order to be able to work locally.

In such an environment, it seems natural to use and enhance a material like laricio pine. As evidenced by the play of shadows and lights that cross the wooden clapboards borrowed from the neighboring forests, the project seeks to be accepted by the landscape without being erased from it. And it is rather successful!