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Brooklyn Garden Studio Hunt Architecture

Published 28 / 09 / 2018

The Brooklyn Garden Studio is a small hideaway located in the backyard of a house in the heart of Brooklyn. It offers a space of solitude, detached in the immense landscape of New York.

A modest space for experimentation, this refuge is built with humble materials: wood frame and cladding, plexiglass windows and skylights, salvaged cedar cladding and salvaged fence posts cut to dress the interior. The shape is minimalist, designed to evacuate water and keep the overall height low while maintaining a headroom at the entrance. The openings are strategically located to reveal only views of the ground and the garden, the sky and the trees. All references to the urban environment are therefore deleted. In the evening, the studio shines from the skylight and slatted wall, illuminating the backyard and surrounding trees.

Intending to explore the limits of a confined space, this project was carried out for 3 months by its owner and architect.