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100 Year Lasting Earthen Floor AtelierCo Architects

Published 25 / 03 / 2019

This 100 Year Lasting Earthen Floor renovation project is located in Yokohama, south of Tokyo. The original house was built in 1964 by the grandmother of the current owner. The Japanese architecture studio AtelierCo's mission was to keep the family function of the house, a place of gathering and celebration, while enhancing the Japanese garden created by the grandmother.

The living area and the garden are at the same level so as to facilitate the comings and goings between inside and outside. The latter has been worked to become a part of the house in its own right.

Initially, the pillars of the house were designed in cedar, the beams in pine and the joinery in Lauan plywood - exotic wood. AtelierCo's desire was to keep these same essences while adapting to new uses. Thus, the worked walls as well as a new table were designed in Lauan plywood, while new joinery was made from yellow cedar because of its water resistance.