On The Table Selection OROS Editions

Published 08 / 09 / 2021

On the theme of tableware, OROS invites several international creators and artisans to offer new perspectives and practices. These pieces, mostly designed exclusively for the OROS Design platform, are presented on our online store from September 9 to November 30. On The Table focuses on the art of hosting and gathering around a table. Moments of exchange and sharing, where the ingredients and materials fuse. Present on a maple tray, serve with a walnut spoon, decorate with ash vases, mix in an oak bowl. So many forms, uses of essences and finishes that mingle for gustatory, visual and tactile pleasure. While dreaming of escape, invite '' On The Table '' creations and know-how from elsewhere.


On pastel tones, the first table presents on embroidered placemats by Sarah Espeute a traditional meal scene. Beneath the porcelain and cherry wood suspension by Atelier Pok, the OROS Edition plates house smaller ones turned by Antonis Cardew, as well as protean spoons sculpted by Léa Laborie. To accommodate the water, Moe Redish offers us glasses and a decanter whose shape has been blown into oak moulds. The result is pieces that are incredibly textured by the burnt wood. On the front of the stage, a large bowl laundered by Abigail Castaneda comes in contrast. Finally, the large oak dish by Atelier Carlès Demarquet brings warmth and texture to the table.


The second table offers airs of Provence. The carved maple of the central soliflore by Benjamin Fély responds perfectly to the warmth of the cherry wood of the small bowl on feet by Etienne Bailleul and to that of the alder of the Burcalu Studio display. A few almonds find their place in the small oxidized oak plate of Pierre Emmanuel Decareaux when three figs dance on the maple boards by OROS Edition. The gray tint of the naturally aged cork of the cylindrical container from Studio Corkinho adds texture to the scene. At the same time, we discover a country bread on an oak board sculpted by Lucas Castex, echoing the magnolia spoon by Ferreol Babin.


The third and last scene invites us to travel. On either side of the embroidered table runner by Sarah Espeute, pieces with ethnic characters challenge us. The large tray meticulously sculpted by Lucas Castex opens the ball to match the plate and bowls of the Sentomono duo whose urushi finish seduces us. On a large quadripod dish sculpted and tinted by Etienne Bailleul, a long spoon by Léa Laborie finds refuge. In the distance, a vase patinated by Abigail Castaneda hosts a cypress branch that looks like a bonsai. Then, we see a small tray sculpted by Sepa from his Nippon spade box...


With the participation of: Abigail Castaneda, Atelier Carles Demarquet, Benjamin Fely, Burlacu Studio, Courtney Petley, Dimitri Felouzis, Emma Chorostecki, Etienne Bailleul, Flore Layole, Formel Studio, Gigi Design, Huw McConachy, Jules Lobgeois, Kasia Kmita, Léa Laborie , Lucas Castex, Moe Redish, Poppy Lawman, Sarah Espeute, Sentomono, Sepa, and Studio Corkinho.