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Dovetail wrench Savoir-faire

Published 05 / 02 / 2023

The dovetail key is a type of traditional assembly, more precisely a part made up of two dovetails – in the shape of trapeziums – connected by their narrowest part. Its angle is between 76 and 83 degrees. If it is mainly used to hold two wooden planks together or to stabilize the movement of an existing crack, it can also have an aesthetic role by using a contrasting wood. It was George Nakashima, a famous American carpenter and designer, who popularized its use in the 1950s by incorporating it into his creations.

It is this know-how in particular that inspired the artist-designer Sarah Espeute to make the placemats for OROS.

  • Photographer: 1 Ferréol Babin, 2 Fine Woodworking, 3 Woodworkers Guild of America, 4 Jan Hendzel Studio, 5 6 7 George Nakashima, 8 Florian Touzet for OROS