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Wooden paddles hualle

Published 15 / 02 / 2018

We crossed the Atlantic - just that - to introduce you to Hualle, an artisan brand from Patagonia.

Hualle's main inspiration comes from two indigenous tribes: the Selknam who have developed a strong artistic sensibility and the Yaganes who move mainly in kayaks and canoes using 2-meter-long paddles. From these two tribes are born the Hualle paddles, “new generation” paddles, reinterpreted in sizes more suitable for decorative use.

Mario Coloma, designer of the brand, mainly chooses wood from Chile: mañio, lingue, rauli hualle, roble hualle and radal - typical shrubs of the country. These are all white woods, selected for their original and natural grain shapes. Hualle paddles are 100% handcrafted. Fernando notably helps Mario with woodworking to get the best possible curves and shapes for the paddles.

Once the desired shape is obtained, sandpaper is passed over all the surfaces to make them soft and smooth to the touch. A natural wax is then applied in order to maintain a shiny appearance to the paddle. Since they are not meant to be used in water but created only for decorative purposes, no further protection is necessary.

And for those who are not lucky enough to be able to discover Hualle in Chile, Designboom offers these paddles on its e-shop!

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