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Wooden Cloth Nathalie Dackelid

Published 10 / 02 / 2018

Nathalie Dackelid is a young Swedish designer who is closely interested in craftsmanship and the reality of the materials she uses. Sensitive to sketches and drawings that highlight the qualities of the materials used, she allows them to settle aesthetically and durably in her creations. His credo? The reuse and application of crafts in new contexts.

During her Bachelor year specializing in wood at the University of Gothenburg HDK Steneby, she developed Wooden Cloth. Part of the “Survival” theme made up of 8 weeks of workshops, Wooden Cloth is a kitchen table that the user can use from his student studio to his dinners with his grandchildren. As you will have understood, its length adapts to different life situations, thus extending its usefulness.

In her approach to using sustainable materials, she aims to ensure that the longevity of the wood determines the life of the table. Nathalie decided to make Wooden Cloth from Swedish ash. Several reasons for this choice. First of all, ash is a relatively hard and durable wood, which will prevent the furniture from wearing out too quickly. Ash is also made of a beautiful end grain visible thanks to the lateral triangular shapes, thus enhancing the material. Finally, from a purely aesthetic point of view, this wood essence is made up of timeless shades of colors, offering this table the opportunity to be able to slip into any room and any era.

From a more technical point of view, the table legs were made using a system of tenons and mortises. The upper platform is glued to the table, and the triangular prisms at the ends of this platform are connected by an elastic cord. Regarding the finish, a layer of Osmo transparent oil was applied in order to retain the warmth of the color and the properties of the wood.

In 2016, her Bachelor in hand, Nathalie will try to create her own studio and hopes to be able to put this table into production. For those who would like to take a closer look at the mechanism, it will be on display at Tent London at the London Design Fair which will take place from September 22 to 25!

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