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Hermès showcase Big Game

Published 12 / 01 / 2021

Celebrating simple pleasures and life in the great outdoors, the showcases imagined for Hermès by the Big-Game designer trio represent Switzerland's natural environments: mountains, sky and forests, in which stylized characters and animals playfully bring life to life. to the brand's products. In keeping with the brand's heritage of craftsmanship, the decorations are made of tavillons, small tiles of spruce wood covering the roofs of vernacular buildings in the Alpine regions.

Traditionally, the tavillonneurs start from spruce or larch with straight trunks and sparse branches, sawing the logs into sections which are then split along the fibers to make shingles. This way of splitting the wood keeps the fibers intact, preventing water from entering. In order for shingles to fit as well as possible when installed, it is essential to respect the order in which they were cut. To do this, once the pieces of wood have been split and drilled, they are held together by a string like the beads of a necklace before being placed. For this project, the designers worked with the traditional smaller size of tavillions, generally used to achieve the meticulous details on the facades. To add touches of color while maintaining the texture of the wood fibers, stains of different shades have been applied. The installation stage, finally, requires all the know-how of the flapper in order to have a regular weft while ensuring that the nail fixing each shingle is covered by the next shingle.
Built thanks to the ancestral know-how of local artisans, the reinterpretation of Big-Game with a subtly colored rhythm highlights all Hermès products.