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Trace Lamp Felizia berchtold

Published 05 / 02 / 2021

Designed by Felizia Berchtold, the Trace lamp evokes a love of art, sculpture and craftsmanship. Paying homage to old containers and amphorae and referring to paper cutting techniques, the base highlights the different shapes thanks to the play of shadows and light. The design of the lamp simplifies the three-dimensional shape into a seemingly flat sculpture. To design this piece, Felizia started by creating models cut out of paper, then were then modeled in ceramics., then finally in wood. Prototyping in different materials is a central part of Felizia's work, allowing a deeper understanding of form and process. The final piece was therefore crafted in natural oak in collaboration with London manufacturer Dale Stephens, and fitted with a linen shade. First shown at London Craft Week, it is now available to order.

As a designer through product, interior and material, Felizia creates stories for modern life and everyday objects. His approach is guided by extensive material and historical research, many of his visual references to which are influenced by a passion for art and craft. Thus, in creating this piece, the designer explores the spaces between the historical and the familiar.