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Furniture collection X4 Studio Jordi Verbaan

Published 12 / 01 / 2020

Jordi Verbaan is a Dutch interior design studio, founded by Jordi Verbaan and Solange Frankort. Respectively carpenter and conceptual artist, they are in constant search of the balance between functionality and materials in the space environment.

If they both have very different skills, they combine their ideas together, allowing them to define very precise shapes. If the objects find the balance they seek, the technical aspect emerges and this is when Jordi's technical and artisan skills come into play. Due to the contrast between minimalist forms and traditional craftsmanship, the pieces are deliberately ambiguous, being able to rest in a domestic space as well as in an art gallery.

X4 is Studio Jordi Verbaan's first series, inspired by architecture, and in particular that of their city: Rotterdam. The first series were made in essences of walnut and lime. Jordi strives to enhance certain traditional know-how, such as dovetail or flat grooves, which he leaves voluntary very visible, thus giving each piece an artisanal character. Invited to exhibit their collection at the next OBJECT 2020 design fair in Rotterdam, they will decline the entire series in Oregon pine wood. Reddish and quite hard, coming from the west coast of Canada and the United States, this essence will allow the different pieces to obtain a specific peculiarity, reinforcing their identity.