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Imprint rolls Chialing Chang

Published 28 / 09 / 2021

Pieces designed for the Local Ware: Cooking Edition exhibition, visible until October 07 at Jogging Epicerie in Marseille.

Imprint is a collection of rolling pins and pastry boards for shaping dough, designed by Chialing Chang. Interested in incorporating the beauty of wood into the cooking process, the series focuses on creating shapes and textures. 

Japanese technique yakisugi is the starting point for the exploration of design. Mainly used for the exterior cladding of traditional houses, it is a method of natural protection of wood by charring it to increase its durability. The combustion treatment also gives a true black color finish as well as distinct textures.

Seeing the potential, Chialing experimented with this technique and developed another application for the Local Ware project. To showcase the inherent texture of the local timber named Taiwana, sawn rift planks and beams - radial cut pattern - have been carefully selected. The wood was then burned with a blowtorch, a tool different from the traditional method, to obtain a better quality of heating in a small-scale treatment. The softer and charred parts were subsequently brushed to reveal very distinct textures.

The subject of design takes up references from Mediterranean cuisine, such as designing pasta or gnocchi on planks.


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