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Pierre Chapo

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Magen H Gallery presents the first retrospective of the works of the eminent craftsman Pierre Chapo (1927 - 1987). Having developed a personal signature, never overstated, and which owes its singularity to the association between the raw, radical expression of wood and the mastery of unerringly sophisticated and refined designs. His work clearly belongs to the legacy of the Modern Movement, but owes its specificity to this balance achieved between rawness and sophistication. By presenting different voices, an alternate mix of testimonials and analyzes, this book invite you to discover Pierre Chapo the woodworker, sober and silent yet acutely aware of the tension between lines and masses. In Chapo's work, precisely detailed execution and ingenious construction principles serve, above all, the purity of the line and the poetry of the forms.

Information :

Publisher: Magen H Gallery

Design: Change is good
Printed by: Gráfica Maiadouro
Year: 2017

Second edition: April 2021
Pages: 264

Cover: Hardcover
Language: Bilingual English & French

ISBN: 978—0—9882990—3—0

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