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Before the XNUMXth century and the modernity of concrete, it was stone that embodied “well built”. Could sustainable wood one day replace concrete as the archetypal material? Will it find a place in the scale of values ​​that gives architecture its references, its means of thinking and designing? The art of adjustment, of thoughtful assembly, would then become the “art of building” par excellence. Architecture would cease to be evaluated according to the surfaces it generates and would be measured by the intelligence and inventiveness of its structures. Architectural excellence would change criteria, leading the era towards a new alliance of engineering and architecture.


Informations :

Authors: Stéphane Berthier, Christophe Catsaros, Mario Rinke, Sandra Vuilleumier

Publisher: EPFL PRESS

Year: 2022

Pages: 220

Cover: Hardcover

Language: French and English

ISBN: 9782889154708


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