Le bois dont on fait les villes


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Wood is an ideal building material for sustainable architecture. It repels and absorbs large amounts of CO2. But where does it actually come from in each case, and how can forestry and wood processing be adapted to the future? How does the use of wood as a building material challenge traditional notions of professions and qualifications in architecture, engineering and construction?
Journalist Michèle Leloup and architect François Leclercq, a pioneer in wood construction in France, have long been exploring the ecological, economic, industrial and technical challenges of using wood for major structures and urban architecture. This book summarizes their results using examples from the French forestry and construction industry. He is also interested in Austria and the innovative work of Hermann Kaufmann, an internationally recognized leader in the development of traditional wooden architecture. In addition, the book presents five projects by Leclercq Associés.

Richly and beautifully illustrated with new images by French architectural photographer Cyrille Weiner, The wood that makes our cities offers a concise overview of current issues and the results of contemporary wood construction.


Information :

Publisher: Park Books

Authors: François Leclercq, Michèle Leloup, Cyrille Weiner, Jad Hussein and Paul Laigle

Year: 2022

Pages: 192 pages, 155 color and 19 black and white illustrations

Cover: Hardcover

French language

ISBN: 978-3-03860-279-8

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