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The poplar crate

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We meet the crate mainly in the open air markets. Scaffolded in piles and arranged in stalls, it transports and then exhibits fruits and vegetables. So the eye wanders from leek to turnip and hardly cares about this container, the slice of which is barely visible. Yet this link in the food chain deserves attention. For 60 years, its form has been intact: a few thin poplar slats sufficiently stapled. Despite this apparent simplicity and its rudimentary assembly, it embodies the balance between lightness, resistance and economy of material. This contemporary crate is the result of an evolution of food containers ranging from rural basketwork to reusable crates.

This issue is developed in collaboration with the Vitra Design Museum. It includes 64 pages, 45 photographs of objects printed in two-color, 30 color illustrations, an introduction by Alexandre D'Orsetti and a cross interview between the French artist, Philippe Weisbecker, the historian, Pierre Cornu and Jean-Luc Baley, Director of Emballages Bois Martin.


Typology is a collection of books to travel to the source of the objects around us. Its goal is to offer a new look at ordinary objects to allow readers to appreciate and rediscover the meaning of their forms. Each issue is dedicated to an object. He inventories its forms, documents its history, explores its manufacturing secrets and brings together the eyes of specialists. This content is presented through sixty original reproductions, archive images, a report in a factory, an author's text and a cross-interview. They are published in a French version and an English version. Each theme is also an opportunity to produce complementary printed objects including lithographs that celebrate the beauty of their shapes in a different way.


Information :

Editor: Typology Collections

Printed by: Unicum

Year: 2019

Pages: 64

Cover: Paperback

Language: French or English

ISBN: 978-2-490958-04-7

© Collections Typology

  • Wood species: Poplar
  • Dimensions: 21 x 26 x cm
  • Creator: Typology

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