Our commitments and values

Promoting wood species, safeguarding traditional techniques, taking an interest in their evolution and disseminating contemporary creation are the various missions of OROS.

Artisanal production

Most of our objects are the result of a collaboration between a designer, a craftsman and OROS. The discovery of the work of each of the actors and the visit of their workshops will bring out creative ideas. Each object is then shaped in France by the various craftsmen or small factories. We thus ensure a certain quality, proximity and enhancement of local know-how.

Local and reasoned production

The links between raw materials and know-how are very strong because we are committed to ensuring that they come from the same territory. Thus, an object made in Savoie will be made in an essence coming from this same region. From responsibly managed forests, cuts from private individuals or scraps, the wood used for all of our objects reveals the beauty of the tree thanks to the presence of specificities such as marked veining, knots or rings. . Each object is also produced in small series, sometimes to order, to respond more fairly to demand and encourage reasoned consumption.