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Moe Redish

Published 07 / 10 / 2021

Halfway between craftsman and designer, Moe designs glass pieces that play with the texture of burnt wood. A way to get out of the traditional glassworking processes, but also to enhance the oak.

Hi Moe, can you tell us about your work? 

My current work alters the glassblowing process to create a range of ever-changing vessels from burnt and charred timber moulds. Having developed an interest in glass objects during my studies in London, UK, I began to explore alternative ways of moulding it, moving away from the norms and traditions of the industry. My ongoing work using a whiskey tumbler mould has shown how the natural structures of oak degrade with the heat and pressure from the glassblowing process, leaving behind an imprinted and individual texture unique to each glass.

Do you define yourself as a craftsman or a designer?

I find myself quite comfortably in the middle. It was certainly the craft that drew me into my artistic practice, however, there are particular elements to my design thinking that are as crucial to my work as any other.

What attracts you to woodworking?

There is an undeniable satisfaction that comes from working with timber. In the case of my work for OROS selection, it’s the undoing of decades of growth and imprinting these various points in time permanently in glass.

How do you select the wood you work with?

From and environmental perspective, I will use solely British timber. Using local materials contributes towards keeping timber an incredibly sustainable material. From a craft and design perspective, when creating a new mould I use timbers that have strong differences in their annual rings. By doing so this allows the burnt texture to differ considerably between glasses.

How did you get the idea of ​​using wood in the design of a glass?

Wooden moulds have been used for decades to replicate glass. By soaking these moulds in water and rotating the glass as it’s blown, burning is reduced and the quantity of replicated glasses is maximised. I wanted to allow this material to burn and degrade naturally by removing the water from the process and blowing the glasses static.

Can you present to us the different pieces presented for the Selection OROS On The Table ?

I have developed 3 types of pieces. The whiskey glasses and carafe have a unique texture made from solid oak molds, the structure of which breaks down over time as molten glass meets wood. Table glasses also perfectly pair with the carafe, great to serve drinks at the table. They are available in a light and heavy scorched texture.

Find a selection of her pieces on our Online Store, Creators tab.