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Furniture in Speranza OROS x ORMA

Published 11 / 04 / 2022

In close collaboration with the ORMA Architettura Agency and the owner Edmond Cridel, OROS designed this series of bespoke furniture for the extension of the A Speranza hotel establishment, in Bonifacio. With a strong architectural bias, the suites transcribe different influences from the city of cliffs. Thus, our different rooms oscillate between soft sculpted forms, plays of light that evoke underground galleries or even organic lines of the depths of the seas. Particular attention was paid to local species, such as chestnut and pine.


Realization of the living room sculpted by the Atelier Carlès Demarquet

Thanks to Sandra Belon Giraud for participating in this project

  • Photographer: OROS
  • Location: Bonifacio, Corsica
  • Year: 2021