Maku Restaurante WEWI-Studio

Published 10 / 09 / 2019

Maku is a Poke Bowl restaurant, located in Cancun, Mexico, designed by WEWI Studio. This architecture studio, taking advantage of the locality of its projects to promote local materials, has made Maku a restaurant where life is good and where you would dream of lounging.

The floor, walls and ceiling of the room are covered with "Chukum", a local plaster made from a tree resin giving a very special atmosphere to the project. Its very natural and authentic appearance gives the space character and personality. The tables, with rounded edges, were also made from local wood called “Bojon”. The plant pots and bar are made of laminated concrete in different colors, refer to the Hawaiian landscape and add roughness to the room. The ceiling for its part offers a play in height thanks to decorative objects on certain parts to give different spatial sensations, and to try, in the unity of the room, to recreate the idea that Maku is a hidden beach in the city.