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Immersed Office Studio Quetzal

Published 18 / 02 / 2018

From June 30 to July 2, the Design Toulon Parade took place. This is the first international interior design festival, organized by Villa Noailles. Among all the projects presented, one of them caught our attention, but not only because it was awarded the Grand Prix du jury Van Cleef & Arpels.

Immersed Office was presented by Studio Quetzal, a young design studio founded in 2015 in Paris by Louise Naegelen, Adrien Gadet and Benjamin Lina. Inspired by the nautical imagination, this project is designed with the aim of setting up a creative office for a person living in a villa by the Mediterranean Sea. The gradient of blue occupying all the walls of the room then recalls this environment, and the central structure evokes a boat submerged in water. This office thus becomes at the same time a space of meditation, introspection and creation.

Two parts make up the space. The first is open to the outside of the room and includes a library, objects and documentations. And a much more intimate second presents the office which invites concentration. The entire structure is made from cleats of fir essence and flexible plywood, making it possible to contrast wonderfully with the nuances of the room, ranging from the abyssal blue of the terracotta tiles to the dazzling white of the ceiling. It was important not to make visible the screws and other elements that could hinder the reading of the piece. Thus, once the fir cleats are assembled, the curved plywood boards cover them. The office originates within the structure of the library. Its curve, made up of two strips of wood, forms the worktop to rest on a siporex stone.

Studio Quetzal explains their desire to focus on sanding and finishing the project. This makes it possible to give the appearance of a completely homogeneous element, forming one. This project was notably rewarded by India Mahdavi, president of the jury, who underlined the intelligence of a complete treatment of the space and the quality of the execution.

WE love

The quality of finish, the refined style as well as the concept allowing to preserve two atmospheres in space.