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Ex of In House Steven Holl

Published 20 / 04 / 2018

Contemporary American architect Steven Holl experiments with architecture through empty geometric shapes and sculpted objects. This is particularly the case of the project Ex of In House. 

At the same time artist's residence, guest house and architectural experience, this trapezoidal structure of 85 m² is hollowed out of three overlapping spheres and aligned to follow the curve of the sun. These wooden shapes are revealed through a spectacular entrance hall that dialogues with a large round window with an anamorphic appearance. The door frames and the staircase are in solid mahogany, the walls - in birch plywood - incorporate benches, storage units and semi-circular windows that open onto the forest. Steven Holl goes so far as to equip the house with a geothermal heating system and a set of solar panels on the roof. Thus, Ex of In House generates more energy than necessary, allowing it to send the excess back to the local electricity grid.

WE love

The experimental aspect around this residence, the rendering both spherical and trapezoidal.