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Code Cabinet Agnes Studio

Published 24 / 05 / 2019

Códice Cabinet is a storage unit, coming to enrich the Livingstone collection of the design studio Agnes Studio. "Códice" means "piece of wood" in Latin, and is also used to refer to manuscripts. The Maya and Aztec manuscripts having been inscribed on pieces of wood, Agnes Studio wanted through this piece of furniture to convey their essence: the evolution over time of communication carved on wood.

Thus, the geometric repetition of the doors of the Códice Cabinet seems perfect, while sculptures have been made by master craftsmen in Antigua Guatemala, using the “conchitas” artisanal technique. The latter offers a particular texture to wood, in particular thanks to a concave tool. Elaborated in blackened oak, Códice Cabinet then exhibits an interesting work of research on texture, between ancestral know-how and contemporary design.