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Tulipant Cafe Atelier Louvet & Amaury Caeyman

Published 28 / 03 / 2020

Atelier Louvet is an interior design studio based in Paris. In collaboration with architect Amaury Caeyman, they worked on the realization of Café Tulipant, a café located in Ixelles, Belgium. 

The place being located near a commercial artery and in a district in transition, the layout and the proposed menu aim to meet the expectations of a varied public, for the different times of the day. Through the reuse and diversion of certain codes of Brussels coffee, the architects offer a revisited version of a space participating in the collective unconscious. Over 70 m2 then harmoniously match old wallpapers, period tiling, velvet curtains and wooden furniture. 

The custom fittings were made in collaboration with the Belgian carpenter Jonathan Leclercq (L'Arbre Blanc). The central bench and the side bench as well as the wall paneling are in solid yellow pine. Several color tests were carried out to find the perfect match with the location.

The round wooden tables with steel legs and the leather upholstery were produced by another Artiosi partner, a large group of furniture retailers specializing in tailor-made products. For example, the tables could be engraved with the name of the Tulipant. The color of the oak tops has been worked to closely match that of Jonathan's paneling and benches.
This project, perfectly blending architectural heritage and know-how, offers a resolutely contemporary touch to Café Tulipant, where we would love to sip one of their cocktails.