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Workshop Collection Frama

Published 28 / 06 / 2020

Frama presents its new collection, Atelier Collection, paying homage to the father of Danish design, Kaare Klint. Driven by functionalism and passionate about noble wood, Kaare Klint proposed in the 20s / 30s pieces with pure lines highlighting a certain know-how. With his vision for design, he shaped a whole generation of designers and put Denmark permanently on the design map in the 30s.

Through this new collection, Frama wanted to pay homage to one of its very first pieces, a sofa bed designed in 1916. Comprising a sofa, a chair and shelves, this new collection is designed in spruce by a Lithuanian cabinetmaker. . Taking inspiration from Klint's original unadorned design, Frama created a semi-encapsulated shape whose silhouette is balanced by rounder, softer edges. The cushions, covered with merino wool, pay homage to Irish spinners and weavers who handcraft the fabric in natural colors.