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Archetyping Daybed Linde Freya

Published 10 / 03 / 2017

Destroyers / Builders is based in Brussels. This design studio, founded by Linde Freya, strives to maintain a certain awareness of the materials used in each of its projects. If the latter are considered more as sculptures than utilitarian objects, they all have one thing in common: the use of modern materials through traditional craftsmanship.

Surprising because often absent from the landscape of contemporary design, Linde uses chipboard for his creation Archetyping Daybed. He then merges the know-how - here wood sculpture - and the manufactured - chipboard - and thus overturns the habits of industrial production.

The shapes of this sofa bed are primitive, the colors merge while contrasting between the textile and the wood. No assembly has been done, it is simply 4 feet and a tray. In addition, the wood has been tinted with a specific black pigment which, perceived from different angles and luminosity, can reveal a very deep aubergine color fixed thanks to a mat varnish. Linde himself designed this Archetyping Daybed, hand carving the chipboard.

In parallel, he worked with a carpenter for the Bigger Plate project, a hand-carved tray, of which a CNC copy was subsequently created. No doubt, Linde likes to play with the codes of the traditional and the industrial, and it is quite successful!