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Alexandre Reignier

Published 23 / 10 / 2020

Through different media such as architecture or design, Alexandre flourishes thanks to this reflection on different scales. At the base of his approach, the search for a certain aesthetic and minimalist meaning, to simplify forms to enhance the material. less is more, therefore, with the added bonus of this living material that has followed him for years… Meeting.

Could you tell me about your background? 

I studied industrial designer and I worked for 11 years in a design office before getting into the design field. My field of activity was therefore far from design, but these few years allowed me to learn and deepen my knowledge in study and production techniques, which are of great help to me today. I trained on my own, just trying to follow the idea and vision I had for this new activity. 

You revolve around different activities: interior architecture, design and craftsmanship. How would you define yourself? 

Not really having a cap, I like to move from one area to another depending on the opportunities. I started with design, and I made myself known through my own creations. But today interior architecture also takes an important place in my activity. 

You came to collaborate with Atelier Ordinaire on your house project. Can you tell us about your collaboration with them? 

I stumbled across their Instagram profile when I was looking to sell our apartment. I contacted them, we talked for over an hour and it was a revelation for me, I wanted them to take care of my house. We got along so well that we then collaborated on other projects. Work with Ordinary Workshop is enriching because we each bring different but complementary visions to each project.

As an interior designer, how do you understand spaces? 

I start by getting to know the place as if I had to live there. I like that the space becomes as fluid as possible, that everything is obvious. I then bring my personal touch to it. For example, I work with wood a lot in my projects, but above all I like to bring a certain simplicity to my projects, without superfluity.

What do you think wood brings to a home? 

It brings a certain softness and a sense of comfort that no other material provides. It is a living material that evolves over time and in fact, with our daily lives. 

What is your relationship with this material? 

Since I was little, I have enjoyed working with wood in various ways. It is a material that awakens many of our senses such as our sense of smell or our touch. It is also an accessible material - depending on the species, light but strong at the same time, ecological and alive. It has all the qualities necessary for the creation of a design or architectural project.

Indeed you also develop your own design pieces. What is your approach? 

I always start my research by observing a lot around me - a lingering desire or even a detail that reminds me of an object. Then comes the sketch, 3D modeling and finally the realization of the prototype. I am fortunate to have a very technical training which allows me to think from the design on the means of manufacture. I also really like collaborating on my different projects. For example, I met some time ago Laurence Labbé, ceramist in Strasbourg, with whom I discussed one of my sketches and from whom a lamp project was born. If I like wood a lot, I like the raw material above all.  

What are your sources of inspiration? 

Of Mediterranean origin, my childhood and my living environment inspire me a lot. But I'm just as passionate about Japanese and Danish design, especially the work of Kengo Kuma and Niels Stroyer Christophersen !

What are your plans for the future? 

More design! I am currently working on several pieces in addition to my current collection, mixing different materials ...