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Adina burlacu Burlacu Studio

Published 17 / 09 / 2021

Hello Adina, can you present you and your creative studio?

My name is Adina Burlacu, I am an industrial designer born in Romania and based in Berlin. In my studio I work between product design and sculpture, trying to minimize the space between the two fields and trying to achieve that difficult balance between comfort and sculptural aesthetics. I make handmade products available in small series or unique pieces.

How can you define your work?

If I had to choose 3 words I would say aesthetic, emotional and heavy. The visual weight of an object is something special to me. I think it's because being born in Romania during my childhood I was surrounded by a Soviet architecture with a very heavy and strong presence that only responded to functional needs. I hated it and loved it at the same time and I think it left a certain impact on me. But when design at my studio, the last factor I think about is function, because as a kid surrounded only by functional objects, I can tell how important it is, the emotional aspect in our environment.

You work a lot on different textures and forms. What inspires you ?

I always liked the combination of simple shapes and rough textures, I think they offset each other very well. I work mainly with wood but also with other materials. When I make sculpture I usually use cement, that material so exploited in the East. And when I feel blocked without ideas, I take a walk through my Workshop and collect rests of pieces I find on the floor from my colleagues and put them together, creating new shapes. 

What do you like the most in woodworking?

I love working with this material. You have to work at its path. You can not rush it, it’s a ‘’living material’’, it moves a lot so you always have let the time and space for it to decide. I love the heaviness of it, of course, and the feeling of warmth that transmits. When I work with wood especially when using woodturning I always think how can I waste as less as possible the material in order to keep the weight of it .

How do you select the wood you work with?

When I have the form of an object in mind I immediately can relate the type of wood I want to use. Depends of the texture I am looking for, the strength and the form I want to get from it.

Can you introduce us to the pieces that we present in the selection On The Table

The displays in this selection represent my working philosophy very well. I would describe them as functional art. We can of course give them a use but also use them simply as a decorative object.