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A sense of Dinesen Dinesen

Published 28 / 06 / 2019

In collaboration with the Norwegian researcher Sissel Tolaas, Dinesen offers us a total immersion in the scents of the woods, and more particularly that of the Douglas. Studying the fields of smell and communication for more than 20 years, Sissel advocates the adoption of natural scents instead of trying to camouflage them.

Equipped with a special recording system, Sissel was able to collect the aroma of the Douglas. Sissel's recordings were first recorded as data and then converted into an archive of molecules, from which a rich variety of Douglas aromas could be observed. From this archive, some molecules have been isolated because they were found to be interesting in the creation of a fragrance called Dinesen Douglas.

This fragrance then represents the complexity of this wood essence, both in the freshness of a cut tree, the drought in a sawmill or the sensation of walking barefoot on Dinesen Douglas planks. The sense of smell then unconsciously makes the connection with our brain and refers to this kind of emotions and memories.

The collaboration between Dinesen and Sissel Tolaas is then an open invitation to activate our senses, not just to observe beautiful wooden planks, but also to smell and feel them.